Louis Poulsen PH 3 2 5 Bollard Floor Lamp
  • Louis Poulsen PH 3 2 5 Bollard Floor Lamp
  • Louis Poulsen PH 3 2 5 Bollard Floor Lamp

Louis Poulsen PH 3/2.5 Bollard Floor Lamp

Design by Poul Henningsen.
By Louis Poulsen.

PH 3-2.5 Bollard is a member of the PH 3-shade family, and the principle behind the PH 3-shade fixture was made in a few hectic months in the winter of 1925-26 for a large exhibition hall in Copenhagen, Denmark called "Forum". This is what Poul Henningsen said about his new fixture in 1926: "The real innovation in the PH-fixture is that it produces lighting which is both glare free and economical. It is easy enough to create glare-free light (indirect and strongly shaded light) if a portion of the light is allowed to be wasted, and it is equally easy to make fixtures which are highly efficient if you ignore the fact that they severely irritate the eye (strong specular reflection, etc.) but it is an art to make light both economical and glare free". The combination of diffused reflection and a logarithmic shade curve also gave PH the opportunity to control the fixture?glare and shading. The luminance transitions from shade to shade would also appear harmonic. The PH3-shade system started out as a pendant solution but very quickly it also developed into other kinds of fixtures for tables, floors, walls and a great number of different chandeliers.

The fixture is designed based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the majority of the light downwards. The shades have a matte white painted interior surface, diffusing the light in a comfortable way.

  • Made from materials that can endure various weather conditions
  • Perfect for entrances and placement around the perimeter of corporate areas and private residences
  • Suitable for gardens and drive/walkways
  • Material: Top, middle, and lower shade: Spun stainless steel. Shadeholder: Die formed glass. Post and Base: Stainless steel.
  • Mounting: Base plate dimension: 5.9" diameter. Base plate: Mounted to a concrete base with 3 anchor balls.
  • Black, powder coated finish

Poul Henningsen

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