Agnes and Hoss

Agnes & Hoss

Agnes & Hoss designer, Stephanie Waddell, has a curious mind and countless stories to tell. These stores are told through her printed fabric designs, which she applies to accessories collections ranging from handbags and scarves to pillows and lighting.

Armed with a painting degree from Dartmouth College and a lifelong entrancement with the use of pattern and color, Stephanie transitioned naturally into the print and textile arena. Her use of silk originates from the material’s ability to capture the imagination by reflecting color and embodying a sense old-world luxury. Her use of rich, vibrant colors is born from the belief that color should be embraced year-round. Waddell sees color is a simple, vital force that lifts the spirits... it is a wonder we so often reject it.

The Agnes & Hoss name derives from two lowly dogs from Stephanie’s ancestry, whose untold story tugs at her imagination.